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Buying Process Flowchart

Buyer and agent review purchase parameters
Buyer is loan Pre-approved
  • Review Agency disclosure; confirm buyer/agent relationship
  • Review buying process; market conditions
  • Discuss customary disclosures and reports
  • Review contract & decisions when making offer
  • Discuss inspections and selection of inspectors
Market education; viewing property & related disclosures
Select home to buy; review disclosure package
  • Write offer
  • Prepare closing net sheet
  • Sign disclosures
  • Obtain preliminary insurance eligibility
  • Schedule tentative inspections
  • Discuss possible responses from seller
Offer presented to seller
Negotiation of offer
Purchase Contact Accepted
  • Initial home inspection done with buyer present
  • Receive seller disclosures not in disclosure package
  • Determine whether any additional inspections are warranted
  • Perform additional inspections
  • Obtain homeowner’s insurance
Review inspections and subsequent disclosures
  • Escrow opened
  • Deposit sent to title company
  • Contract to lender
  • Appraisal scheduled
Property Appraisal Occurs
  • Accept disclosures & inspection reports
  • Request for repairs to seller
  • Negotiate request for repairs
  • Remove contingencies
  • Increase deposit
  • Final loan approval
  • Remove loan contingency
Final property Walk-through
Sign Closing & Loan documents
Deposit balance of down payment and closing costs
  • Loan funding
  • Title recordation
Close Escrow Obtain Keys!
Post-Closing Follow-Up
Buyer evaluation of
Agent Services